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BankPAY was formed in Vietnam in 2010 to develop and implement a nationwide integrated electronic bill payments system. BankPAY is modelled on the hugely successful BPAY system in Australia. In the year 2015 BPAY processed successfully 376 million payments which valued 361 billion dollars.

The BankPAY system allows either fixed or mobile internet users to pay bills promptly and securely by accessing their internet banking account without knowledge of or access to the billers banking details. It allows billers to receive payment without the costs of handling cash and provides a full electronic reconciliation of bills paid. It uses existing bank security, interchange and settlement mechanisms but adds a user and biller friendly layer of functionality. The BankPay system provides a genuine intermediary between banks and billers that solves the issue of many to many connection and offers a compelling business proposition to both banks and to billers.

Bring benefits to:

  • Users by providing an easy, convenient and secure payment solution.

    • Users access the service directly through their existing internet banking or mobile banking facilities.

    • Users can transfer money electronically from their bank account to the bank account of a merchant or service provider using just a biller ID or service number (printed on their bill or fetched automatically).

    • Connected banks handle the payment transfer just like any other payment settlement.

  • Merchants by providing an easy way to make and collect payments.

    • Users and merchants do not need to have accounts with the same bank and only the bank of payer needs to be connected to the BankPAY system.

    • Easier reconciliation: The merchant is provided with a full electronic reconciliation of the payments made.

    • Better cash flow: Get paid faster, cleared funds from bill payments deposited to the account of merchants on the next Banking Business Day, with no risk of chargebacks.

    • More efficient cash collection: Reduce the time you spend preparing and chasing bills, freeing you up to concentrate on core business activities.

    • More choice for customers of merchants: Give your customers a wider choice of payment options, including online and mobile payments, with the security and confidence of the most popular billing service of Vietnam.


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